So, 'kin Hell Fest 2014 is over, and what an absolutely crazy weekend.

There's going to be a massive stack of pictures and videos coming back from it, we'll be putting together a huge gallery on here and our Facebook page once we've collated a load of it.

Unfortunately the weekend didn't sell as well as hoped, we ended up around 200 weekend tickets short of covering all the costs. That may not sound like all that many people, but it equates to a huge amount. Especially the Saturday and Sunday we expected a fair amount more to come for the day. All we can focus on now are the crippling debts to clear up post-festival madness. Already posted up is the remainder of the merch we had from both the Yorkshire Riffer and 'kin Hell Fest events, (shirts, posters, patches), as well as our huge six hour compilation and a donate link in case you feel like you can help us out, even just a little.

The upshot of this is that we won't be able to carry on with 'kin Hell Fest, certainly not in the format it has been, and I personally am going to be unable to carry on putting on, promoting, helping with gigs in any form, other than any I am actually playing myself (No Fucks Given, Sloth Hammer, keep an eye out!).

Whilst it was an incredible time, and a huge learning curve, the fall out is overwhelming and life altering for the worse. I'd like to take this opportunity though to thank absolutely everyone involved:-

the core team who did not stop running around and dealing with things incredibly during the run up and the festival itself, they did themselves so proud;

the two venues who were both incredibly accommodating and helpful; 

those who helped during the course of the festival, even if it was just jumping on the door or in the cloakroom at any point, or those who helped with money at times of desperation; all the bands who played, an incredible amount of riffs were supplied!;

anyone who shared the event or gave out flyers in the run up;

every single person who came along and had a watch and a mosh. You made it into one of the craziest weekends of the year, and, despite the monstrous debts left in its wake, you all made it a total pleasure and already, with the donations and help that has followed, it serves as a reminder why I and we have done all of this. Fingers crossed we can fix it all as soon as possible.

If you can help in any way, please click on our shop page (on the image are some of the items you can buy), it's all appreciated.